Our philosophy

Our philosophy

H&H is not any café shop, is a wellbeing bistro. Here we encourage, support and prioritize a healthy lifestyle. How? Helping our customers find the perfect balance for their body, mind and soul.

Body: We promise to serve resourceful and thoughtful meals only, with healthy, an mostly organic and locally grown ingredients.

Mind: We guarantee to foment your intellect as you walk in through our doors, you will be encouraged to read and know more.

Soul: When you leave H&H, we assure your spirit will fill inspired, balanced and nurtured.

H&H goal is to provide you a nourishing experience, we are providing a spot where you can be at peace with what you eat, read and think.

Our History

Our History

H&H has been a journey. The inspiration comes from the founder Miriana Martinez, a well-known entrepreneur in the restaurant/service industry.

Her many years of experience have brought to light with what she claims to be the most cherishable project she’s been part off. Every meal, every smoothie, every book, every quote, every single detail has been through a rigorous process of analysis.

Miriana is particularly keen on philosophy, and that passion she wanted to share. She began wanting to offer philosophy books that she considered worth knowing about, but then her will to know more expanded; as well as her offering.

At H&H you will come across with books from all intellectual points of view philosophy –of course-, painting, sculpture, writing, music, science and last but not least from the techie world.

Miriana’s goal is to provide knowledge that will help every customer to be part of an intellectual and spiritual evolution.

Therefore each meal at H&H will have a name in representation of a philosopher, artist, writer, musicians, scientist and tech guru.




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